Community Connected Experiential Learning

Future Design School provides workshops to support engaging and relevant Community Connected Experiential Learning (CCEL) opportunities in classrooms.

Future Design School offers workshops for both students and educators.

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Educator Workshops

These educator workshops will support the development of embedding community connected learning experiences into their classrooms. Through our immersive experience, educators will plan and develop learning experiences that will excite their students and provide them with opportunities to authentically learn from the world around them.

Student Workshops

We also offer direct to student workshops that will allow students to identify areas of opportunity that they can actively engage with their community through a variety of contextualized experiences. Students will learn how to identify challenges that they are faced with in their school, neighbourhood, city and even the global community while learning tools to design solutions to these real world challenges.

Future Design School works with educators to ensure that workshops are uniquely differentiated based on overall topics, goals or objectives.

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