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Future Design School partners with districts to support effective and long term school transformation. Our team of educational thought leaders and experts are enlisted to help solve complex challenges in communities across North America.

Our team has helped action school improvement plans, established opportunities to close the achievement gap, supported educators in developing personalized learning pathways for students, created new programs, reinvented report cards, built strategic plans, grown leadership capacity and designed new processes; all in the service of supporting deep competency development and skill mastery through exceptional learning experiences.

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“This was a day of innovation that really stretched my thinking and gave me new insights to a problem I have been wrestling with about parent engagement/partnering. Thank you for a thoughtful, productive and insightful day!”

Jennifer Babiash
Teaching & Learning Coordinator
White Bear Lake Public Schools, Minnesota

“It was pretty mind blowing. I feel inspired to bring this to my staff and encourage a mindset shift.”

Magdalena Homem
Head of Spec. Ed. And ESL
Peel District School Board, Ontario

Drive change within your district

Districts leverage our organization to change pedagogical and assessment approaches, implement new standards and programs, increase student success, streamline operations, increase fiscal efficiency as well as strengthen team performance and professional growth.

Our proven methodologies combine significant learning generated from our extensive field work around the globe and leverage our deep expertise in strategy development, user centered design and change management.

Our Offerings


Future Design School helps districts develop, launch and maintain strategy and momentum. Leverage our seasoned business strategists and renowned education experts to support your initiatives, transform your strategic plan and drive measurable results.

Districts around the world leverage the Future Skills Index to benchmark competency development and skill mastery in their schools along a research based continuum.

Future Design School can be enlisted to:

  • Conduct insight gathering

  • Perform market assessments

  • Run deep competitive and industry analysis

  • Facilitate leadership retreats

  • Support strategic plan development

  • Assist with program implementation

  • Provide ongoing consulting

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Professional Development

Future Design School has worked directly with thousands of educators across North America and Europe through sustained professional development opportunities. Our programs leverage a user centered approach by tailoring the program to meet the specific needs of schools, boards or districts.

We’ve helped districts design professional development programs that support the implementation of school improvement plans, new standards and strategic priorities, design project based learning, drive deep inquiry, create new interdisciplinary programming, address equity and inclusion, transform pedagogical documentation, measure student learning progress, advance assessment practices, enhance career readiness with students, strengthen instructional practices, rethink report cards, and create true interdisciplinary learning experiences.

We can work with your educators, coaches and leaders crafting a customized plan that meets your unique needs.

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Tools & Frameworks

Our proven methodologies scaffold deep competency development and measurable skill mastery through experiential learning. Our robust frameworks support an ongoing process of deep investigation, questioning, collaboration, documentation and meaningful reflection. Our frameworks, tools and resources enable schools around the world to develop unique differentiation and engage students in deeper learning.

Educators leverage our resources to help each student build powerful, personalized portfolios that demonstrate ongoing progress towards skill mastery and growth around desirable attributes. Our learning frameworks enable deep inquiry and holistic self-actualization over sustained periods of time.

Principals and Vice-Principals leverage our proven methodologies and tools around effective instructional and operational leadership. Our resource library is a source of ongoing support and inspiration driving leaders to push beyond conventional approaches as they support educators to build exceptional learning experiences that support deep competency development and skill mastery.

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Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

For districts looking to build capacity, Future Design School supports leadership development. Leaders engage in workshops, coaching and mentorship opportunities focused on building their skills in performance management, team effectiveness, communications and more. This support allows school leaders to play an important role in supporting educators as they prepare students for the future.

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