Future Skills Certificates

Our Future Skills Certificate programs offer opportunities for students to showcase their personal skill development over time; through meaningful experiences and compelling challenges that enable application of future ready skills in relevant and exciting ways.

Delivered direct-to-student by our specially trained team of educators, each of Future Design School’s specifically crafted challenges provide a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their ongoing skill development and personal growth. Upon successful completion of various challenges, students earn official designations that recognize their progress and achievement.

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Students are able to earn official certificates in:



Computational Thinking

Design Thinking

Equity & Inclusion

Each challenge is intentionally designed to highlight key indicators around individual skill development. Our facilitators have extensive experience in working with students to help them reflect and improve on their core competencies. Challenges spark curiosity, connect to career related skills and empower students to create meaningful change in the world beyond the classroom. Students work both individually and collaboratively throughout each challenge to showcase the application of skills in a variety of ways.

Future Design School’s delivery and assessment of your students in these challenges occur in multiple parts over the course of a year in order to allow students to continue to develop their skillsets and work towards earning multiple certificates.

After each challenge, educators receive:

  • Overall classroom strengths and opportunities

  • Feedback on individual student progress

  • Actionable advice on supporting ongoing skill development

Our certificate programs empower students to acquire, apply and reflect on future ready skills as well as actively identify real situations where these skills can be readily employed. Future Skill Certificates are a great way for students to differentiate themselves as they prepare to enter higher education institutions and the rapidly changing workforce.


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