Retreat Facilitation

Engage our team of experts to run a strategy retreat unlike any other.

Future Design School helps leaders develop, launch and maintain strategy and momentum. Leverage our seasoned business strategists and renowned education experts to transform your strategic plan and drive measurable results.

Our student centered strategic planning yields actionable plans that translate into measurable results. Leverage our team’s deep expertise in education and their exceptional business acumen to build a transformative roadmap for your school.

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Our Custom Approach

Topics to be tackled at retreats are identified in advance and a custom approach is designed to ensure highly structured and effective generative discussions. Leveraging a highly engaging and user centered approach, Future Design School facilitators help teams achieve consensus and establish shared vision.

Bring your team together to generate deep insights, build actionable plans and establish key measurable results. School leaders have leveraged our team to build:

  • Collective Vision

  • Solve Persistent Issues

  • Kick off Strategic Planning

  • Build Collaborative Culture

All​ ​of​ ​the​ ​ideas​ ​generated​ ​at the​ ​retreat ​will be​ ​synthesized ​into​ ​actionable​ ​insights​ ​and​ ​recommendations around next​ ​steps for implementation or further strategic planning will be highlighted.

User Research Prior to Retreats

In advance of retreats, the Future Design School Research Team can be enlisted to conduct research prior to a retreat in order to gather pertinent information that can help inform the process.

  • Identify the different stakeholder groups

  • Develop a plan for who, and how many, stakeholders to include in surveys and/or interviews

  • Review relevant research or other data that is readily available

  • Create research questions

  • Conduct research

  • Collate all of the information gathered to be presented as part of the strategy retreats

  • Prototyping

  • Building Compelling Narratives

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