Research and Analysis

Gather data, insight and evidence to drive effective strategy, action plans and future direction.

Engage Future Design School’s team of experts to support deep research and analysis that will drive the mission and vision for your school forward. We specialize in translating data into actionable insights through our deep expertise in gathering and analyzing user research. Our team of research experts can be engaged to act as an extension of your strategic team providing unbiased information that can greatly inform decision making.

Insight Gathering

Work with our Research Team to build a targeted, practical approach to gathering stakeholder perspectives including students, parents, teachers, staff and administration. Enlist our team to do the work of conducting stakeholder interviews, running focus groups and observing classrooms, school processes and space utilization. Leverage these data driven insights to drive real results.

Market Assessments, Competitive & Industry Analysis

Explore where the greatest opportunities for growth exist with customized research to gain strategic insights into current and emerging players in your market, industry trends and market shifts. Stay on top of the latest information driving education decision makers globally and be informed by the trends from industry including the future ready skills and competencies that the world’s largest employers are valuing.

Future Design School can help with

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Focus Groups

  • Interviews

  • Survey Development

  • Competitor Breakdown

  • Industry Trends

  • SWOT Analysis

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Work with Future Design School to gain deep insights leveraging our expert research team.