Specialist High Skills Major

Future Design School offers engaging and action-packed experiences for students in any Special High Skills Major sector. Each of our certificate options, provide students with hands on experiences that develop transferable skillsets that students can both implement immediately and that are valuable and necessary for the future of work.

Enable your students to earn a variety of certificates toward their Specialist High Skills Major, while also learning powerful tools to support them in any career path. Students will engage in activities and experiences that are bias toward action and allow them to develop themselves as leaders.

We support both students and teachers in any Specialist High Skills Major sectors with training in:

  • Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.)

  • Leadership

  • App Design

  • Equity & Inclusion

  • Portfolio Development

“It was a fun workshop unlike anything I have attended. The activities were unique and the experience I gained definitely applies to my program.”

Waterloo Regional District School Board Student, App Design Workshop

Our Offerings

Direct to Student Workshops:

Students participate in activities that are directly related to their SHSM sector, while developing skills that leveraged in nearly every industry.

Teacher Training to Deliver Certificate Workshops:

Teachers engage in an immersive workshop that enables them to learn the process through a hands on experience. By partaking in some of the same activities that teachers will complete with students, they better understand the process and develop their own creative confidence.

Workshops offered:

  • Boardwide

  • Sector specific

  • Across multiple sectors

  • Individual Schools

We Implement Workshops In

ICE - Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship

This immersive workshop engages students in innovation and creativity by providing a framework for building ideas and developing the entrepreneurial mindset. Focusing on a topic related to their SHSM, students will work to develop potential solutions to an identified issue.


Leadership is one of the most important skills that young people can possess as they prepare for the future. This learning experience allows students to develop an understanding of the various leadership styles that can be leveraged while also enabling students to better understand their own leadership opportunities and challenges. Through this experience they will consider how to leverage these skills and empower others.

Design Thinking

Students will learn design thinking techniques by applying the skills to solve a real problem related to their Specialist High Skills Major sector. Understand how to leverage the design thinking methodology for creative problem solving and learn an actionable and repeatable tools you can use anywhere. Students will develop solutions to real problems that impact people or organizations.

Computational Thinking

Students will leverage computational thinking and coding to engage in real-world problem solving through relevant projects. Learning and leveraging skill in, decomposing problems, recognizing patterns, understanding pattern generalization, designing algorithms students will understand the importance of creating and using a process when solving a problem.

App Design

This fast paced, hands on workshop, empowers students to learn the tools and methods used by some of the top designers around the world, to create solutions to real problems. Students will leverage a human-centered approach to designing meaningful app-based solutions, validate their ideas and build prototypes the can they can test with others. Challenge your students to develop meaningful innovation.

Equity & Inclusion

Understand the power of unconscious bias and how our personal experience impacts how you interpret information and the world around you. Learn to identify your biases and participate in fun, engaging and thought provoking activities that will allow participants to challenge their perspectives and build more inclusive environments.

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