The Future Skills Certificate program is for educators who want a deeper experience with our Future Skills Approaches to Teaching and Learning. Teachers earn designations by engaging in deep professional development and leveraging proprietary curriculum resources to support students in earning our recognized microcredentials. . These microcredentials help students build their capacity to solve real world problems and develop critical competencies and skills. Students showcase evidence of their learning to Future Design School adjudicators and receive official certificates to supplement their portfolios.

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Certification available in:

Design Thinking


Coding & Computational Thinking


The Future Skills Certificate Program is comprised of three main components:

Experiential Professional Development for Educators

Educators engage in a deep experiential learning opportunity to build their own fluency with future ready skill development in each of the four certification areas. The program includes ongoing coaching and support from an expert Future Design School Facilitator throughout a multi-week program. Throughout the program, participants collaborate with other educators, developing a Professional Learning Network they can continue to learn from in subsequent months. Private cohorts are available for schools and districts that want to certify multiple teachers.

Access to Modular, Student-Centered Curriculum Resources

Upon completion of the professional development program, educators leverage modular curriculum via the Future Design School App. The entire microcredential program for students can be run from the app. Each course contains:

  • Videos

  • Handouts

  • Assessment

  • Robust teacher's guide

  • Slideshows

  • Online support

Student Microcredentials

Developed with world-class entrepreneurs and educators, our student microcredential curriculum empowers students to pursue their passion while developing skills and earning certificates that set them apart for future success. Students will:

  • Develop skills to solve meaningful real world problems

  • Create impactful change in their local or global community

  • Earn microcredentials to build their portfolio or resume

Competencies Developed:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Curiosity

  • Ambition

  • Resourcefulness

  • Empathy

  • Stewardship

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Design Thinking

  • Computational Thinking & Coding

  • Global and Future Vision

Certification Programs Available

Certified Design Thinking Educator

The Certified Design Thinking Educator Program gives teachers an in-depth experience using design in the classroom. Educators will develop mastery of skills necessary for running a Design Thinking program with students. Through this program, educators will teach students a repeatable process of ideation, validation and rapid prototyping in order to generate innovative solutions to problems leveraging a user centered approach.

This program is perfect for all teachers who would like to embed Design Thinking into their curriculum or those who are looking to run passion projects with their students.

Certified Coding & Computational Thinking

The Certified Coding & Computational Thinking Educator Program provides educators with a toolkit to help students develop future ready skills by learning how to solve problems, develop logic, understand systems and create innovative solutions. This program was designed by software engineers and educators to provide teachers with first hand experience in basic coding and computer science language, which can then be brought into the classroom.

In becoming a Certified Coding & Computational Thinking Educator, educators will help students strategically use ideas from computer science to solve problems, and to bring those ideas to life through learning processing language.

This program is perfect for high school computer science teachers or middle and school teachers interested in infusing computational thinking in their classroom.

Certified Entrepreneurship Educator

The Certified Entrepreneurship Educator Program gives educators an inside look to business approaches used by some of today’s biggest companies. Designed by one of North America’s top entrepreneurs, educators will be able to guide students through a meaningful learning experience that provides an in-depth look at the tools and methods used in the business world.

In becoming a Certified Entrepreneurship Educator, educators will help students identify obstacles as opportunities to be solved, while developing the aptitudes needed to turn innovative ideas into reality.In becoming a Certified Entrepreneurship Educator, educators will help students identify obstacles as opportunities to be solved, while developing the aptitudes needed to turn innovative ideas into reality.

This program is perfect for teachers running business courses, or any teacher who would like to provide their students with an entrepreneurial experience, at any age!

Certified Leadership Educator

The Certified Leadership Educator Program gives educators a framework and ready-to-use toolkit for how to develop leadership skills and qualities in their students. Through this program, educators will help students recognize that ‘leader’ means more than simply being a captain of a team or the head of student council. Through a series of modules that leverage personal strengths while focusing on the needs of others, educators will help students begin to identify with different types of leaders and determine which leadership style best suits them.

In becoming a Certified Leadership Educator, educators will guide students through a journey that will allow them to make a real impact in their community, lead change and inspire others.

This program is perfect for those educators running Leadership programs and those looking to infuse leadership into any grade.

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