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Future Design School works with learning coaches to empower educators as they develop unique, personalized pathways for their students; supporting deep competency development and skill mastery through exceptional learning experiences.

Our team has helped learning coaches across North America drive initiatives with educators that support new pedagogical approaches and assessment practices, implemented new technology that deepens and amplifies learning, created new interdisciplinary programs and developed efficacious personalized learning.

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Our proven methodologies combine significant learning generated from our extensive field work around the globe. We can help you build teacher capacity in your district to further enhance future ready skill development and help close the achievement gap.

Our Offerings

Professional Development for Your Teachers

Future Design School has worked directly with thousands of educators across North America and Europe through sustained professional development opportunities. Our sessions leverage a user centered approach by tailoring the program to meet the specific needs of schools, boards or districts.

We’ve helped coaches design professional development programs that support the implementation of school improvement plans, new standards and strategic priorities, design project based learning, drive deep inquiry, create new interdisciplinary programming, address equity and inclusion, transform pedagogical documentation, measure student learning progress, advance assessment practices, enhance career readiness with students, strengthen instructional practices, rethink report cards, and create true interdisciplinary learning experiences.

We can work with you to craft a customized plan that meets your unique needs.

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Professional Development for You

We can help you build your own skills and confidence in delivering professional learning, developing curriculum, establishing new programs, implementing new pedagogies and technologies, working with leadership teams as well as shifting school culture.

We have helped coaches develop effective communications plans, manage strategic change initiatives, re-design learning programs for educators and assist staff in transitioning to new technologies. Our professional development programs are designed to help coaches achieve measurable results with their teams while also building their personal leadership skills.

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Tools & Frameworks

Our proven methodologies scaffold competency development and measurable skill mastery through experiential learning. Our robust frameworks support an ongoing process of investigation, questioning, collaboration, documentation and meaningful reflection. Our frameworks, tools and resources enable schools around the world to develop unique differentiation and engage students in deeper learning.

Our recognized Microcredentials enable students to demonstrate skill mastery to post-secondary institutions and potential employers. Our proven assessment frameworks enable ongoing measurement and tracks individual progress from identifying potential through towards thorough comprehension.

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Future Design School offers school licenses to modular, push and play curriculum that empowers educators to work with students on solving real world problems inside the classroom. Each course includes slide decks, activities, videos, assessment practices and a comprehensive teacher’s guide to help support the teacher in their role as facilitator. Future Design School curriculum is designed around the tenets of exceptional learning and allows for students to develop their creative confidence.

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