Strategic Consulting and Support

Future Design School has developed an expertise in the business of education working with hundreds of schools and districts across North America and Europe.

We’ve helped our clients design new schools, improve school culture, increase admissions, develop leadership capabilities, transform pedagogical documentation, measure student learning progress, advance assessment practices, enhance career readiness with students, strengthen instructional practices, rethink report cards, redesign timetables and develop new funding strategies.

Leverage our seasoned team of experts

Future Design School’s seasoned team of experts can be enlisted to provide assistance whenever it is required. With deep business and education backgrounds, our team are sought after partners working alongside educational leaders globally.

Leverage our experts to provide support in specific areas including organizational strategy, leadership development, curriculum design as well as world class pedagogy and assessment.

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Our Offerings

Engagements for consulting and support are determined in collaboration with school leaders and address identified needs. These may include but are not limited to:

  • School Design

  • Space Design

  • Timetable Redesign

  • Staffing

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Team Development

  • Student Skill Development

  • Pedagogical & Assessment Methodologies

  • Financial Management Support

  • Performance Management Frameworks and Processes

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Our team are leaders in solving complex challenges. We specialize in user experience design and can work across all aspects of your school or district.